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About Us


We are beautiful, sovereign and amazing beings... after the last 18 months of confronting and confusing changes to our world, it’s time to reconnect to ourselves and others. So here’s the gift you deserve and need to give yourself!

Come and join myself and my team for a few luxurious days in amongst the macadamia farms of the Lennox Head hinterland for some much needed pampering, relaxation, fun and nurturing... Along with like-minded peeps you will be spoilt with sensationally nutritious fare, healing hands and memorable experiences away from a constant barrage of distraction from happiness and SELF...                    


It’s time for TIME-OUT; it’s time for fun, refreshing experiences again...


We want you to get back on track to healthy eating, relax and rejuvenate, connect with others, learn  new, exciting skills

and enjoy yourselves


Looking forward to connecting with you!



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Meg Thackeray

My working life evolved from playing nearly every sport under the sun and fronting up each day for almost 30 years as a High School Physical Education Teacher on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, to studying at night to amass a few more qualifications under the health banner and blossom into a mobile Remedial Massage Therapist!

Sally Thibault.png
Sally Thibault

With a successful career of over four decades in health, wellness,business and marketing, as aFitness Instructor and Trainer, TV show host, Business owner, School marketer, International presenter and trainer, Sally brings a wealth of experience to the world of speaking, coaching, mentoring and training.

Erin Bourne

Erin Bourne is much more than a yoga and Pilates teacher. She has dedicated 20 years to studying the body and optimising movement. You will find elements of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, Functional Range Conditioning and Myofascial Release in her yoga and Pilates classes. Erin also teaches biomechanics and anatomy on yoga and Pilates teacher training.

Ruth Carey.jpg
Ruth Carey

Ruth Carey is a spiritual energy psychic healer. She has worked as a nurse for 37 years and for the past ten years has branched out into using her gifts with plant energy and an energy healing modality called matrix re-imprinting. Her focus is on helping people release their old patterns and blocked energy in order to live their life with more wholeness and a deeper connection to themselves, others and the planet.

Felicity Roberts.jpeg
Felicity Roberts

Felicity Roberts is an internationally recognized yoga instructor, breath-worker, massage therapist and natural medicine enthusiast. She bridges corporate and western standards of living with spirituality and yogic philosophies to uplift her clients’ body, business and lifestyle. Her work is modeled from proven techniques from MD Andrew Weil as well as high performance trainers such as Dan Brûlée’s, Name Baldwin and Kino McGregor.

Coralie DC.jpg
Coralie DC

Coralie DC has been an Iridologist and natural Alchemist on the Gold Coast now for over 8 years. She is a specialist in gut health & wellness of the mind, body & soul. Coralie teaches her clients about the tools they require to manage their individual, unique ‘system’ using natural remedies that are all easily accessible. Also referred to as "the Queen of Awesomeness" & "Wellness Faerie", she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience & her favourite medicine of all... laughter! 


Meg Bio Photo.png


Retreat Facilitator/Organiser

Having worked and attended wellbeing retreats over the last 10 years, and like everybody, experiencing the last 18 months of unusual twists and turns of the world, she has decided to facilitate her evolving, beautiful dream of running her own ‘wellbeing getaway’.

With 30 years of teaching and having organised several Talent Nights and overseas Sports Trips (Bali and Hawaii) for her students, her skills, continuing evolution and experiences, have culminated in manifesting this next phase in her life... KIRRA KOORA-NA Retreats!



Megan Thackeray

To book your tickets now, email us at


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